Carpentery is nothing without accuracy

Find out what it’s like to find any saw setting angle with ease.

Designed by carpenters, for carpenters. 

Sawset is a carpenters’ protractor that finds any saw settings with complete accuracy. Its unique scale is calibrated to work in combination with your miter saw, with absolutely NO MATH NEEDED!

Constructed with durable 18 gauge engraved stainless steel. Simple to use, easy to read. Large 7-inch scale allows you to read up to a quarter of a degree. When it comes to accuracy, SIZE MATTERS!

The Sawset is perfect for…

Crown Moulding & Baseboards

Wainscotting & Handrails

Decks, Fences & Floors

Your Workshop & SO MUCH MORE

An essential in your tool belt.

The stressful days of finding irregular and tricky angles are finally gone while using Sawset. Eliminate guessing, and mistakes for the sake of your time, and your clients time. In only three easy steps, you can complete your project with ease, accuracy and precision.

Watch the video and see how it works!

Step 1.

Step 2.

Set Saw…

Then fit!

Find saw settings for Crown Moulding miters, Double miters, Single miters and inside or outside corners with Sawset.

  • No math required – ever!
  • Simple to use. Eliminates guessing, mistakes and waste,.
  • Compatible with Crown Moulding cut on its angle, or on the flat.
  • For Crown Moulding cut on the flat, a simple-to-use Spring Angle Finder with Miter/Bevel charts is included.
  • Heavy 18 Ga. Engraved Stainless Steel.
  • Sliding T-bevel not included.